Objectives of the Research Centre

The objectives of the centre include the following:

  1. To provide facilities and technical expertise for research and development in conservation and breeding of known and unknown threatened, indigenous and endemic species of fauna and flora origin, initiating appropriate reintroduction and restocking programs.
  2. To serve as an education and training centre for students, communities, conservationist, scientists, curators and environmentalists, in order to increase awareness and build capacity for conservation, environmental protection and management, and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources while linking international to local environmental issues.
  3. Promote regional cooperation on sustainable management of biodiversity such as sharing research and development experiences, exchange of experts and training amongst the Institutions thereby creating a network of biodiversity conservation researchers both nationally and internationally.
  4. Disseminate research findings and share conceptual ideas from the centre to a wide audience, through publications, presentations, seminars, workshops so as to serve as focal point for policy makers.
  5. Train and graduate post-graduate students in biodiversity conservation and natural resource management.


Description of activities of the Centre

1. Research and Training Activities in the following areas:

  • Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics
  • Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecosystems
  • Microbial diversity and Bioinformatics
  • Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystems
  • Political and socioeconomic issues
  • Forensic Sciences

2. Services:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment projects.
  • Sale of high quality seedlings for various afforestation and reforestation projects.
  • Consulting services for the UN system of Biodiversity.
  • Provision of outdoor activities, presentation of seminars on biodiversity, promotion of social awareness between institutions, agencies and corporations.