About us

Over the past few decades, the necessity for biological diversity to be maintained for continued human existence has emerged as a critical global issue. As part of this increasing concern, the Centre for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management (CEBCEM) bring together wide range of skills and expertise and allow new scope for scientific research on biodiversity that provides a basis for conservation, management and sustainable use of the Nigerian flora and fauna.

The research centre (CEBCEM) focuses on the management of biodiversity, conservation and sustainable ecosystem monitoring through collaborative research, using scientific findings to advance environmental awareness campaigns and inform decision makers. It also provides a platform for education and research of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty in the related fields of Science, Social science, Arts and Science-based Education courses. Our vision is to expand the knowledge of Nigerian biodiversity, environmental sustainability, leadership and innovation in conservation and evolutionary biology. In the short term, the centre hopes to understand the composition, distribution pattern and possible threats to biodiversity in our immediate environment and develop evidence based management options to ameliorate the threats.


Motto : " Poised for Sustainable Environment " 

Goal: (National and Global)

The goal of the centre is to mitigate critical threats to global biological and cultural diversity by:

  • Advancing scientific research in diverse ecosystems;
  • Strengthening the application of science to conservation practice and public policy;
  • Developing professional, institutional, and community capacity; and
  • Furthering the efforts to heighten public understanding and stewardship of biodiversity.